Innovative Projects


“GEKO – Gear and propulsion integrated control in connected electrified mobility” is an experiment in the application of advanced digital technologies funded under the 1st Open Call of the European Project H2020 DIH WORLD and carried out in collaboration with the Campania Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) of Confindustria in Naples.


As part of the H2020 European Project PLATOON, aimed at building innovative digital tools for the optimized management of the future energy system, DG Twin proposed “INGRID – Involving hydrogen for a Greener and Innovative energy Deployment” which was selected among 7 startup and innovative SMEs proposals admitted to funding under the 2nd Open Call. The activities were carried out with the mentoring of managers of the French ENGIE and of the Polytechnic of Milan.


“SCOUT – Customized system for optimal power management in off-road uses of thermal engines”
The concept of mobility of people and goods is undergoing a radical transformation both due to the need to urgently deal with global climate change and as a result of the revolution brought about by digitization and ICT technologies.

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DG Twin has signed a Collaboration Agreement with the Regional Mechatronic District and Digital Innovation Hub of Puglia, un the abbreviation “MEDISDIH” Soc. Cons. a r.l., for the industrialization of DGeco technology.

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